METALINK offers a wide range of different immersion sensors, cups and instruments for various applications in foundries.


Metox-Cu and Conmetox-Cu are electrochemical sensors for oxygen content measurement in copper melts. Metox-Cu is a disposable one-time sensor for batch processes in copper refining, Conmetox-Cu a continuous sensor for the casting process. Both sensors cover the full technical range of oxygen content in copper from 1 to over 12.000ppm. The sensors’ precision is equivalent to combustion analysis, in the low oxygen range even better. Metox-Cu is being applied with standard lance hardware and dedicated instrumentation, Multi-Lab III or Metox-Lab Cu. For the continuous Conmetox-Cu sensor a special PC logging and control software Concellog is available. Conmetox-Cu lifetime may reach up to several days, dependent on application.

Sensors: Metox®-Cu,ConMetox®-Cu
Instruments: Metox®-Lab E Cu, ConMetox®-Cu