METALINK offers a wide range of different measurement probes, samplers and instruments for liquid steel applications.


Drop Sensors

As an option, and where sublance installations are impossible due to constructional restrictions, the drop sensor is an alternative tool for automatic BOF control. The QuiK-Tap sensor is released from an automatic loading and servicing device, then charged into the BOF off-gas chute and flying through subsequent channels into the inner vessel doing the measurement job there. Temperature-only, combined oxygen/temperature and carbon/temperature sensor versions are available.

Sensor: Meta QuiK-Tap

Sublance probes

A custom series of sublance probes for BOF control employs combinations of measurement techniques in a single sensor, such as temperature, carbon via thermal analysis, oxygen activity, and solid chemical sample retrieval. Updating thermal and metallurgical models via sublance technology enables quick-tap decisions, thus shorter tap-to-tap times and a related more efficient production in primary steelmaking.

Sensor: Meta Multi-Lance®