METALINK offers a wide range of different measurement probes, samplers and instruments for liquid steel applications.


Measuring the oxidation potential of metallurgical slags

Metox SLAC controls ferrous furnace and ladle slag in terms of its FeO or FeO-MnO contents. The cell is built like the Metox Sensor but exposes an open zirconia thimble to pick up slag during immersion. Metox SLAC goes together with standard Metox hardware and instrumentation. The Sensor does not comprise a thermocouple, as not needed in slag chemistry. On choice, hand and automatic measuring lances may be operated wireless, without measuring cable.

Sensors: Metox® SLAC®, QuiK-Slag

Instrument: iM² Sensor Lab®

Slag sampling in BOF and steel pouring ladle

MetaQUSAS is applied and immersed as a regular sampler. When MetaQUSAS passes through the slag surface into steel, slag is collected in its chamber and compressed to a lollipop shape protected by an outer steel ring. The sampler can easily be removed when breaking the sand body after immersion and is ready for transport and for instant XRF analysis.

Sensor: Meta QUSAS®

Slag thickness and freeboard measurement

The system is composed of an electronic chip embedded in the sensing head of the special Meta Delta Dist L probe. Using an automatic measuring lance with travel control, slag thickness and ladle freeboard may be measured.

Sensor: Delta Dist® L