Metalink is a leading supply and manufacturing company dedicated to offering you world class metal industry inputs and solutions.

Based in the Emirates, we specialize in quality thermal measuring and control devices, ensuring your manufacturing efficiency, safety, and performance.

As the leading manufacturers of thermocouples and measuring devices in the region, we allow your business to: 

  1. Defeat the need for exporting, outsourcing, and shipment delays through our exclusive solutions made available in the MENA region.

  1. Gain a responsive customer support team, helping you stay in sync with no time zone boundaries.

  1. Receive competitive pricings for essential solutions, all with convenient payment methods.


To be the top manufacturer and suppliers of metal industry inputs in the MENA region, consistently performing and expanding our capacities to meet global demands and fulfill the needs of our clients.


We strive to bring you reliable, secure, and safe solutions that meet the highest global standards and quality control measures.

  • Developing premium, first rate measuring devices that optimize your performance and growth.


  • Providing solutions that are made to last without the difficulties and unpredictability of regular outsourcing options.


  • Offering Innovative solutions and expert manufacturing, with a return on your investment.


Core Values:

  1. Customer Service
  • Ensuring on time delivery and a responsive support team that make certain your concerns are always met with a solution.


  • We strive to cater to your business requirements, supporting you through the logistics, process, and after-sales service experience.



  1. Quality


  • We are committed to providing you with a competitive advantage through our premium client-centric solutions.


  • Through intensive testing, sampling, and development we deliver value and guarantee your satisfaction.



  1. Integrity


  • It is our core belief that transparency, honesty, and accountability are the vehicle necessary for building trust.


  • Each Metalink member works with passion and professionalism to ensure the success and sustainability of your business.



  1. Reliability


  • Our on-site quality assurances and testing makes sure your business is guaranteed a safe and effective work environment.